How To: Make RJ45 (Ethernet) cables

The process of making Ethernet lines is quite simple, given you have materials available. I have photo’s below of everything you need, minus the obvious (cable itself). Take a look at the photo’s– paying specific attention to the first photo with the multicolored wire, this is the order in which the small wires inside an Ethernet cable need to sit once slid into an RJ-45 connector (second photo).

First thing you will need to do is cut/peel back the outer layer of the cable, exposing the eight internal wires. The wires will be twisted into pairs (orange/white & orange, green/white & green, etc.) Untwist the pairs and straighten up the wires, then place them in the order from left to right, EXACTLY as in the first photo below. Once this is complete you will slide the RJ-45 plug (PIN SIDE UP) over the wires, making sure not to mix the wires. Look through the top of the plug to see if you can see all eight wires have filled the eight holes in the plug. If you are confident all wires are set and in order, next you will need the crimping tool just like the one in the last photo. Push your new RJ-45 end into the port on the crimping tool and crimp down until it completely releases. Finally you will cut the cable the length you need and repeat the steps for the other end.


Modern Warfare Remastered- Possible Leaked Update Info– New attachments?

Recently there have been talks of a possible update coming to Modern Warfare Remastered in the near future. Most are speculating the update will come on Tuesday January 17th, as Raven Studios already announced they will be pushing an update to correct minor issues such as the kill cam. Some of the speculation on the new items includes a weapon or two, attachments, and dual wielding handguns.

New weapons could include an AR (XMLAR?) and a Shotgun (Kam12?)

Possible attachments:

  1. akimbo weapons
  2. heartbeat sensor
  3. holographic site
  4. long barrel (better range)
  5. reflex site
  6. tactical knife
  7. thermal scope
  8. variable zoom
  9. extra mag (extended mag)


As said previously, this is all speculation, but hints of these items were found by some in the PC files for MWR. Those that originally leaked were correct about the supply drops in the first update, so could they be correct again on these items? We will find out soon enough.

If some or all of these items end up coming to MWR, there will be extreme mixed feelings. There was some pretty serious backlash coming from most when they added the supply drops, because they were steering away from the idea of a “remastered” game. I can say without hesitation if things like the heartbeat sensor and tactical knife are added, there could be an uproar from those same critiques as well as several more (myself included).

Golf During the Winter?

When you live in the Midwest, sometimes you have to improvise when Winter hinders your typical outdoor activities. For those of you like me, into all things technology as well as sports. Golf simulators bring the best of both worlds, as they require several different aspects of advanced technology and allow you to play golf in a real feel manner. With its enclosure standing at 9.5′ high x 15′ wide x 16′ deep, one is able to full swing without hesitation or interference.

Key Features:

  • Sports Coach 3D Dual Camera Object Tracking System
  • Sports Coach Golf Simulator Software with 40 Courses Installed on a High Performance Simulator Optimized PC running Windows OS
  • Solid Frame Enclosure with Black Fabric Cover
  • 12 ft wide Whisper Quiet Impact Projection Screen
  • 4000 Lumens LCD Projector
  • Projector Extension and Projector Mount
  • 22″ Touch Screen
  • Plush Premium Synthetic Turf Specially Designed for High Speed Camera Object Tracking includes Hitting Surface
  • Solid Wood Computer Cabinet
  • Free Lifetime Updates


Budget 24-inch Monitor

Looking for a low price 24-inch monitor– Look no further, as the Spectre E248W-1920 monitor has some of the best features available, but doesn’t break the bank. This monitor features 3 inputs + audio, along with great picture quality.

  • HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs
  • 5,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Built-in Speakers


1920 x 1080, Excellent response time, Low price, VESA (universal) mount,


Lower quality speakers


iPhone 7+ Unboxing

My latest switch from Android (Samsung) to iOS has probably been the best yet. Every upgrade I tend to switch from one mobile platform to the other, as I am constantly looking for something different. I don’t prefer just upgrading to the next phone in the same industry, unless there are drastic changes (which is pretty uncommon year to year anymore). I like the full switch– look, feel, OS, etc.

Both sides have their pro’s and con’s. Anyone who says otherwise is either paid to say so or they’re unable to understand how each OS works. With that said my latest switch to the iPhone 7+ has been one of my favorites thus far. Several people are not too pleased with the 7 and 7+, a lot of this is due to the removal of the headphone jack. For me, this causes no concern, as I have made the full switch to Bluetooth (headphones, house speakers, vehicle, etc.) On top of that, the new on-board speakers in the iPhone 7+ are the best I have ever heard from a mobile phone.

Beyond the excellent sound quality, the added waterproof feature by eliminating the headphone jack had me very intrigued. I have tested its resistance and immersion to water (to an extent) and it passed as expected. Both camera’s perform well, though slightly behind some competitors. Lastly the battery life has been the most impressive for me so far. Granted I did switch from an Android with a smaller battery and known Android OS extras, which often hindered its full capability.

There are also many others that dislike the new iPhone(s), because they just don’t see enough change from it’s predecessors. To those, I suggest you make the full platform change from time-to-time. For me the change has always been back and forth between iOS and Android, though the latest push from Google with the ‘Pixel’is hard to ignore. I could see them jumping into the mix with the other top dogs very, very soon.


Why Tuesday?

For most, every morning is always the same. The typical morning usually consists of rolling out of bed (reluctantly), drinking a cup of coffee, quick shower, brush your teeth, you know the normal morning routine. If you ask me, your morning routine should be overhauled from time to time. Mix it up a little– get up an hour earlier for a quick workout, finish a paper that’s due this week, something positive to get you up and moving before most others have even begun their day.

Some of you are already doing these types of things and that is great! Why not persuade someone else to jump on board? If more people got out of bed and actually enjoyed their morning “routine” I believe there would be a lot less grumpy people in this world. Most people have already calculated the minimum amount of time it takes for them to get ready and head off to work or school, so they hit snooze three times and wake up at the last possible minute. Then proceed to walk around like a zombie to finish each “routine” item and off they go, having done nothing but the same they did yesterday morning.

So for me, the real question is why not Tuesday? Why not right now? Why not begin to become a better and happier you and/or encourage someone else to jump on the bandwagon? For most, the answer is “tomorrow is the easier route”. Well don’t wait to make a New Years resolution, make one now. Don’t take the easy route for once, BREAK THE MOLD.

“You will never have this day again, so make it count.”


Outlook 2013 Stuck at “Loading Profile…”

If you or someone you know is stuck on the image above when they try to open Outlook on a Windows machine, please continue reading. Firstly the reason this is happening is due to an option in Outlook called “hardware graphics acceleration”. When we get this disabled Outlook will open just like normal.

First we want to check to see if it is possible to open Outlook in safe mode. This can be done by going to the start menu and searching “Outlook /safe” (without the quotes).

If Outlook will open go to File–> Options–> Select advanced on the left navigation pane–> Check “disable hardware graphics acceleration”–> Close and reopen Outlook.

If Outlook will not open in safe mode, continue below…

Now we will perform a more advanced way of disabling the hardware acceleration.


Run regedit (Start > Run > type regedit and press ENTER)

Firstly we want to create a backup we can restore later if something is accidentally deleted/added.

To do this, in regedit select file, export, and save the export file somewhere you will remember. (if needed to restore later, select import instead of export in the file menu)

Now for the solution to “Outlook 2013 Stuck at “Loading Profile…”

In RegEdit:

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common

Right-click Common folder, select New > Key and name it Graphics

Select the Graphics key you just created, right-click in the right panel and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it DisableHardwareAcceleration.

Double-click the new value and assign it a value of 1.

Close regedit and reopen Outlook.


Take a look at my latest product review

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One

Recently I purchased the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One gaming headset from Amazon. After a few weeks of use I can say without hesitation these have vastly improved my gaming experience. I would suggest this headset for anyone looking for one on a budget. You can find these on Amazon for around $55 new or $35 certified refurbished.

For me, I mostly play the Call of Duty franchise, most recently Modern Warfare Remastered and also some sports games (2K, Madden, FIFA, etc.). With that said this headset mostly improves the COD experience as it allows you to hear others coming from any direction so you’re able to react quickly.

This also comes with the controller adapter, which saves you around $25 as most headsets don’t offer the adapter for plugging directly into the controller. The detachable mic is nice and easy to remove for when you aren’t playing with friends or anyone else you want to talk to. I personally saved the extra $20 for the new one and purchased the certified refurbished version, which you will find I do pretty often for things I’m unsure if I will like initially. Also coming from such a reputable company like Turtle Beach and sold by Amazon, I’m confident, if something were to go wrong with the headset after a short amount of time they would take care of the issue.

Find the headset here

Please comment whether you liked/disliked this product review. Express opinion on anything you liked, anything you would like to see explained differently, etc.

What is this all about?

For those of you wondering what this site can offer you, allow me to elaborate. How many of you interact with technology on a daily basis? *everyone raises hand* I come to you as an IT Professional with a passion for technology and a desire to show what it can offer you and those you know.

This site will serve as a platform for several different tutorials, troubleshooting tips, product reviews, etc. I interface with multiple different aspects of technology throughout my day. Whether it be at work, at home, or on the road I am staying involved with the latest and greatest technical products and services there are. With that, I want to pass along some of my experiences and technical expertise for all to (hopefully) benefit from in some manner, whether it be now or in the future.