Modern Warfare Remastered- Possible Leaked Update Info– New attachments?

Recently there have been talks of a possible update coming to Modern Warfare Remastered in the near future. Most are speculating the update will come on Tuesday January 17th, as Raven Studios already announced they will be pushing an update to correct minor issues such as the kill cam. Some of the speculation on the new items includes a weapon or two, attachments, and dual wielding handguns.

New weapons could include an AR (XMLAR?) and a Shotgun (Kam12?)

Possible attachments:

  1. akimbo weapons
  2. heartbeat sensor
  3. holographic site
  4. long barrel (better range)
  5. reflex site
  6. tactical knife
  7. thermal scope
  8. variable zoom
  9. extra mag (extended mag)


As said previously, this is all speculation, but hints of these items were found by some in the PC files for MWR. Those that originally leaked were correct about the supply drops in the first update, so could they be correct again on these items? We will find out soon enough.

If some or all of these items end up coming to MWR, there will be extreme mixed feelings. There was some pretty serious backlash coming from most when they added the supply drops, because they were steering away from the idea of a “remastered” game. I can say without hesitation if things like the heartbeat sensor and tactical knife are added, there could be an uproar from those same critiques as well as several more (myself included).


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Recently I purchased the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One gaming headset from Amazon. After a few weeks of use I can say without hesitation these have vastly improved my gaming experience. I would suggest this headset for anyone looking for one on a budget. You can find these on Amazon for around $55 new or $35 certified refurbished.

For me, I mostly play the Call of Duty franchise, most recently Modern Warfare Remastered and also some sports games (2K, Madden, FIFA, etc.). With that said this headset mostly improves the COD experience as it allows you to hear others coming from any direction so you’re able to react quickly.

This also comes with the controller adapter, which saves you around $25 as most headsets don’t offer the adapter for plugging directly into the controller. The detachable mic is nice and easy to remove for when you aren’t playing with friends or anyone else you want to talk to. I personally saved the extra $20 for the new one and purchased the certified refurbished version, which you will find I do pretty often for things I’m unsure if I will like initially. Also coming from such a reputable company like Turtle Beach and sold by Amazon, I’m confident, if something were to go wrong with the headset after a short amount of time they would take care of the issue.

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