Golf During the Winter?

When you live in the Midwest, sometimes you have to improvise when Winter hinders your typical outdoor activities. For those of you like me, into all things technology as well as sports. Golf simulators bring the best of both worlds, as they require several different aspects of advanced technology and allow you to play golf in a real feel manner. With its enclosure standing at 9.5′ high x 15′ wide x 16′ deep, one is able to full swing without hesitation or interference.

Key Features:

  • Sports Coach 3D Dual Camera Object Tracking System
  • Sports Coach Golf Simulator Software with 40 Courses Installed on a High Performance Simulator Optimized PC running Windows OS
  • Solid Frame Enclosure with Black Fabric Cover
  • 12 ft wide Whisper Quiet Impact Projection Screen
  • 4000 Lumens LCD Projector
  • Projector Extension and Projector Mount
  • 22″ Touch Screen
  • Plush Premium Synthetic Turf Specially Designed for High Speed Camera Object Tracking includes Hitting Surface
  • Solid Wood Computer Cabinet
  • Free Lifetime Updates



Why Tuesday?

For most, every morning is always the same. The typical morning usually consists of rolling out of bed (reluctantly), drinking a cup of coffee, quick shower, brush your teeth, you know the normal morning routine. If you ask me, your morning routine should be overhauled from time to time. Mix it up a little– get up an hour earlier for a quick workout, finish a paper that’s due this week, something positive to get you up and moving before most others have even begun their day.

Some of you are already doing these types of things and that is great! Why not persuade someone else to jump on board? If more people got out of bed and actually enjoyed their morning “routine” I believe there would be a lot less grumpy people in this world. Most people have already calculated the minimum amount of time it takes for them to get ready and head off to work or school, so they hit snooze three times and wake up at the last possible minute. Then proceed to walk around like a zombie to finish each “routine” item and off they go, having done nothing but the same they did yesterday morning.

So for me, the real question is why not Tuesday? Why not right now? Why not begin to become a better and happier you and/or encourage someone else to jump on the bandwagon? For most, the answer is “tomorrow is the easier route”. Well don’t wait to make a New Years resolution, make one now. Don’t take the easy route for once, BREAK THE MOLD.

“You will never have this day again, so make it count.”


What is this all about?

For those of you wondering what this site can offer you, allow me to elaborate. How many of you interact with technology on a daily basis? *everyone raises hand* I come to you as an IT Professional with a passion for technology and a desire to show what it can offer you and those you know.

This site will serve as a platform for several different tutorials, troubleshooting tips, product reviews, etc. I interface with multiple different aspects of technology throughout my day. Whether it be at work, at home, or on the road I am staying involved with the latest and greatest technical products and services there are. With that, I want to pass along some of my experiences and technical expertise for all to (hopefully) benefit from in some manner, whether it be now or in the future.