iPhone 7+ Unboxing

My latest switch from Android (Samsung) to iOS has probably been the best yet. Every upgrade I tend to switch from one mobile platform to the other, as I am constantly looking for something different. I don’t prefer just upgrading to the next phone in the same industry, unless there are drastic changes (which is pretty uncommon year to year anymore). I like the full switch– look, feel, OS, etc.

Both sides have their pro’s and con’s. Anyone who says otherwise is either paid to say so or they’re unable to understand how each OS works. With that said my latest switch to the iPhone 7+ has been one of my favorites thus far. Several people are not too pleased with the 7 and 7+, a lot of this is due to the removal of the headphone jack. For me, this causes no concern, as I have made the full switch to Bluetooth (headphones, house speakers, vehicle, etc.) On top of that, the new on-board speakers in the iPhone 7+ are the best I have ever heard from a mobile phone.

Beyond the excellent sound quality, the added waterproof feature by eliminating the headphone jack had me very intrigued. I have tested its resistance and immersion to water (to an extent) and it passed as expected. Both camera’s perform well, though slightly behind some competitors. Lastly the battery life has been the most impressive for me so far. Granted I did switch from an Android with a smaller battery and known Android OS extras, which often hindered its full capability.

There are also many others that dislike the new iPhone(s), because they just don’t see enough change from it’s predecessors. To those, I suggest you make the full platform change from time-to-time. For me the change has always been back and forth between iOS and Android, though the latest push from Google with the ‘Pixel’is hard to ignore. I could see them jumping into the mix with the other top dogs very, very soon.